Water Wells, Septic Systems, Sewers, Electric Power

Living in the country? It’s all about the water. Oh, yes, and the poop, the poop, and nothing but the poop .Water, wells, sewers, septic systems, electricity. Stuff you need to know about when buying or developing rural property.

February 8, 2013

How to Change Your Propane Gas Supplier

After you shop the local Propane providers for the best prices and the best “new customer” deals, make two phone calls. (1) Call the old supplier and […]
May 25, 2012

Solar Panels, Well Pumps, Poets, and Lumbermen

(Yesterday, I was out in the country on a home inspection.  The water well was being tested for yield and quality.  I love wells, and write about them often, Mother […]
May 24, 2012

Well Testing 101

Before buying rural property, or any property that relies on a well for the domestic water supply, the well should be tested.  You should also test […]
May 7, 2012

Granny Units in Auburn, California

Put Granny in a pumpkin shell And there you keep her, very well Here, in bullet form, are the main rules for building a “granny” unit (or house, […]
September 19, 2010

How to Make Millions from a Secret Creek

Measure the volume and value of water in a small creek.
August 22, 2010

Professor Poop’s Effluent Exam–25 Questions

Septic system inspections are not required by most California rural counties when the title of real property is transferred from seller to buyer.  An inspection may, however, be required […]
July 27, 2010

Ditch Water

Irrigation water in the Sierra Foothills is not immune to the politics of  California Water Wars.  Water is a precious commodity and transporting water is expensive, especially to the thirsty […]
July 9, 2010

Well Drilling in Northern California

If you need advice in developing land or your dream home in rural California, call Bob at 530-906-1023.
June 15, 2010

10 Added Values for Rural Property in Nevada County, CA

Conventional home evaluations for the rural areas between Auburn, CA and Grass Valley, CA will yield that most-important  statistic–price per square foot.  This datum will be […]