December 29, 2012

Real Estate Assistant Needed

We are looking for a part-time Real Estate Assistant to work with us at our Century 21 Office near Lake of the Pines, CA.  The position […]
October 7, 2012

How Much Do Banks Negotiate on Foreclosure Sales?

One of my clients (let’s call him “Mike” because . . . uh . . . that’s his name) wrote to ask: “Hi Bob,  Question……How much […]
September 15, 2012

Bear River Clean Up

Bear River (Rio Oso) divides north Placer and south Nevada counties in the lower foothills of California.  Each year volunteers from the nearby communities gather at […]
September 14, 2012

If You Have To Sleep On It . . .

.  .  .  YOU’LL NEVER SLEEP IN IT. I learned that useful axiom from my first broker and real estate guru, Sue Thompson.  The axiom is not always […]
September 13, 2012

Fabulous Lake of the Pines Home for Sale

Pride of ownership is evident from the front door to the shady rear court yard. You will appreciate many interesting architectural elements in this handsome & […]
September 2, 2012

Bless This Home. The Full Monty.

  Sometimes a home needs a very strong blessing before the new buyers move in.  The home has bad, seriously bad, vibrations.  You sometimes come across this […]
August 26, 2012

Getting Ready to Sell? 8 First Impresssion Tips

If you had $1,000 to spend on making a good “First Impression,” how would you spend it on this home?  What would you do?   Here are […]
August 25, 2012

Buy a Rental: Cash-on-Cash Comparison

This is the third of three formulas for buying rental property.  In this article I will compare the cash-on-cash returns for the rental purchases described in the […]
August 22, 2012

Nevada County Places: Edwards Crossing

In an earlier article I described the trail from Edwards Crossing downstream toward Purdon Crossing. Now, I’ll give you a bit of the history on one […]