Meadow Vista



The little town of Meadow Vista  is right in the heart of our Golden Hills paradise.  It’s about a mile north of Interstate 80 and about a mile south of the Bear River and Lake Combie.  Just to the east is the tiny town of Weimar  ( a few stores, a terrific school, and the fabulous Weimar Institute) and just to the west is the gentle hill area called Christian Valley.

Home prices in the Meadow Vista area are moderate.  There are some real bargains, but there are also the veddy veddy upscale Winchester mansions.



If you like la-ti-dah, then Winchester is the place for you.  Prices start at about $500 per square foot and I have seen them as high as $750 per square foot.  That’s per square foot!  Yikes!  A modest 3′ X 6′ closet would cost between $9,000 and $13,500.  For a closet!  So, we’re talking millions of dollars here.  If you are interested in one of these homes, please, PLEASE, Puh-LEASE give me a call!  Heck why stop at just one?  We can buy as many as you like.



OK.  Back to reality.  Most of the homes in the town of Meadow Vista, and in the adjoining areas, range from modest ranchers in the $250,000 range to lovely, genteel estates on 5 to 10 acres for $500,000 to $800,000.  Considering the volatility in the California housing markert, I hesitate putting such dollar amounts to these home values.  I’ll need to comeback to this post and update it from time to time.  Remind me, huh?



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