Eating Locally in Nevada, County

The folks who live in Nevada County are blessed for many reasons, but they may never have thought about one of those reasons:  Nevada County could actually sustain and feed its own population.  Now right now, it doesn’t, not by a long shot, but it could, if it had to.  We have in this county enough arable land, enough water, a gentle temperate climate, and the knowledge and skills to sustain our small population.  We are proud of our county, of the agricultural power of our county.


In this county we grow the best food, the very best food you can eat.  So you should eat as much of it as you can!

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Locally grown food is superior to the industrial food you buy in supermarkets for six reasons:

1.  Fresher
2.  Healthier
3.  Better tasting
4.  Better for the environment
5.  It preserves the agricultural character and lifestyle of the county
6.  It supports the local economy by keeping grocery dollars and transportation dollars here at home


How do you go about finding and buying locally grown food?
How do you go about building the habits, the routines of eating locally grown food?

There are six main ways to participate in and support local eating:

1.  Start your own garden, even if it’s one tomato in a pot
2.  Shop at Farmers Markets
3.  Buy groceries at supermarkets that stock locally grown food
4.  Choose to dine out at restaurants that serve locally grown food
5.  Join a CSA like Riverhill Farm
6.  Support and celebrate local farmers and ranchers