Lake of the Pines



Located about a mile off Highway 49 between Auburn and Grass Valley, Lake of the Pines is the country in the city, or depending where you come from, the city in the country.  Lake of the Pines is a gated community with a 24/7 security that controls access and provides day and night patrols on the streets and on the lake.



The lake itself is 230 acres in size with 5 and 1/2 miles of shoreline and six beaches.  Each beach has it’s own park and rest rooms. The depth of the lake averages 8-10 feet and is 55 feet deep near the dam.



The challenging par 71 private golf course has 19 holes stretched over 90 acres of rolling hills. There is a sports lounge and pro shop with a full-time resident pro golfer.



About 5000 people live  at Lake of the Pines in 2000 homes.  The demographics are about 50% retirees and 50% working families. The retirees offer countless hours of volunteerism through both men’s and women’s clubs (The Pinesmen and The Firebelles).

Lake of the Pines has a small-town feel, a true community where you can be as involved–or as uninvolved– as you want.



The Home Owner’s Association headquarted at the Club House is responsible for long range planning, governance, maintenance of the roads and public areas, and security.

Home prices start out at about $200,000 (mid-year 2010) and go up to $1.4 million for the best lakefront homes.



You can access the Lake of the Pines website here.  Use the Navigation buttons under the banner to find out all kinds of stuff. Do NOT click the MEMBER ONLY button, or you will be taken to a Member log-in screen from whence you will never return.



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