Cedar Ridge, CA


Cedar Ridge, Ca  is one of three itty bitty towns between Grass Valley and Colfax along Highway 174.  The other two blips on the map are Peardale  (both city limit signs are on the same post) and Chicago Park  (has nothing to do with the big city in Illinois and also doesn’t have a park).  Cedar Ridge is home to just over 1,000 people.  Peardale and Chicago Park are even less densely populated. Between them, they offer a couple of stores, a restaurant, a post office, and a fire station.

These communities are near the wonderful Empire Mine State Park  with its museum, tours, exhibits and miles of trails. The elevation is about 2800 feet above sea level. The area gets a little snow in a wet winter, but not too much.



So what’s good about Cedar Ridge?  Homes are affordable.  Shopping, culture, and medical facilities are about ten minutes away in Grass Valley.  The freeway (Interstate 80) is about 20 minutes away in Colfax, and . . . (my mouth is beginning to water) . . . the orchards!

My gosh, some of the the finest orchards and farms anywhere can be found in the Cedar Ridge area.  Apples and pears (Peardale, get it?) from the orchards are justifiably famous, but you can also get fabulous peaches, punkins, grapes, berries, and veggies.  Yum.



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