Alta Sierra, CA


Tucked away between Highway 49 on the west and Dog Bar Road on the east, Alta Sierra is a community of about 7000 people.  It’s about  half way between Auburn and Grass Valley.  At 2300 feet, Alta Sierra is nestled among regal ponderosa pines.



In fact , Alta Sierra is just at the point where the deciduous Golden Hills oaks give way to the evergreens.  It has a public golf course and it’s own small airstrip with skyport homes along the perimeter.


You get a lot bang for your real estate buck at Alta Sierra.  It has a Homeowner’s Association and CC&R’s.  Both are minimal.  Most homes in Alta Sierra are on public water, and most have their own septic systems, the best combination possible, in my opinion.  You don’t have to worry about your well . . . and you don’t have to pay exorbitant sewer fees. Yay!  The homes are modestly priced compared to most of California.  You can get some good-sized parcels of land as well.  Many properties have outstanding views.



When you get good views, of course, you also get hills, and Alta Sierra has got your hills.  Many homes have steep, by which I mean scary, driveways, so steer clear of these when you shop for Alta Sierra real estate.



The south and eastern edges give way to an area of small ranches . . . also called . . . Alta Sierra (confused?) and sometimes called Alta Sierra Ranches and sometimes called Unincorporated Alta Sierra.  Here you can find some excellent bargains if you are looking for that little spread of 5 to 20 acres, not too close to town, not too far away, where you can get some longed-for privacy, but still have neighbors come a’runnin’ when Pa’s pickup gets stuck in a ditch or Ma’s baby arrives too soon.

Out in the “Ranches” you have to drill your own well, but the water is usually easy to find and pretty reliable.



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